MTB Skills with Stefan Herrmann

Ergon Factory Rider
  • Name: Stefan Herrmann
  • Birth: 13.02.1964
  • Place of residence: Munich, Germany

Stefan Herrmann – The Guru of MTB Skills

Stefan is best known as an experienced MTB Skills Coach in Germany! With 20 years of experience, it’s hard to find anyone else with this much knowledge. For this very reason, we teamed up with Stefan to offer up a few exercises to practice.

Lesson #1: Basic Positioning

The correct position on the bike is essential. Each mountain biker should be able to achieve the basic position, which further prepares the rider for more complex positions and bike handling.

Video Instructions

Lesson #2: Cornering Technique

A clean cornering technique is key for carrying speed through the trail. In order to learn the complex movements needed, a flat surface like a parking lot, is best for quick and easy learning.

Video Instructions

Lesson #3: Bunny Hop

The Bunny Hop is not only fun and easy, but also needed to overcome obstacles on the trail. It is also the perfect exercise for more complex moves needed on or near the trail.

Video Instructions

Lesson #4: Pumping

Accelerate without pedaling. That sounds interesting! Often it makes sense to pump the bike rather than to pedal. In some cases pedaling usually brings unrest into our overall riding structure.

Video Instructions

Stefan’s most important equipment, the camper and his Canyon Strive. If you want to know more about Stefan and his MTB skill trainings, visit his website.

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