Is there a size chart for the full line of Ergon gloves?

Ergon glove measurements are taken from the widest section of the palm. This is your hand width measurement. To measure correctly for Ergon glove models, take a tape measure and wrap it around the center of your hand, as indicated by the green line in the illustration. Take the full circumference measurement and match up with the corresponding glove model you are interested in purchasing. Since we offer a wide range of gloves in different styles and materials, we recommend that you try on any glove before buying if possible, to ensure the best fit and comfort.

Glove size chart/Hand circumference

HP2, HE2, HA2
Size cm inch
XS 18.1 or less 7.1" or less
S 18.9 7.4"
M 19.7 7.7"
L 20.5 8"
XL 21.3 8.4"
XXL 22.1 or more 8.7" or more
HC1, HC2, HX1, HX2
Size cm inch
XS 18 or less 7.1" or less
S 19 7.5"
M 20 7.9"
L 21 8.3"
XL 22 8.7"
XXL 23 or more 9" or more

Illustration showing the right measureing method for your hand.

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