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Jack Sweeney


Dayton, Ohio

Years riding:

Years commuting by bike:

Ergon products currently using:
GP1 BioKork grips, older BD1 backpack

How long (miles) is your bike commute roundtrip:

What is your commuter bike set-up:
(describe your commuter bike, maybe include a photo) It depends on my mood and the weather. I commute on a road bike, a “dedicated commuter” with fenders and a rear rack, a fixed-gear bike, my trusty Xtracycle, or others as needed.

What is your favorite thing about commuting by bike:
Being outside, enjoying the world around me.

Worst thing about commuting by bike:
My destination is work…booo!

How do you carry your gear during your bike commute:
It depends on the load, but I use panniers, backpacks, messenger bags or my Xtracycle bags. I have a rack trunk that I use sometimes, too.

What is your must-have piece of bike commuting gear:
Water…bike commuting is thirsty work for me! Also good lights, no matter what.

Singlespeed, fixed, or gears:
All of the above; all have their place in my commute.

Fill in the blank:
“When the weather is crappy for my bike commute, I get on my bike and ride. Or sometimes call in sick.

How many days a year do you commute by bike:
Every day that I work (I am a part-time worker), so let’s say 100 days a year?

Scariest bike commuting moment:
Nothing too scary – after this long, nothing motorists do fazes me anymore.

What would you say to those currently not commuting by bike to try to get them started on commuting by bike:
Give it a try, it’s a guaranteed smile-generator!

Brew coffee at home for the AM commute or pick it up on the way:
I’m a coffee snob, so it always gets brewed and drank at home.

Your favorite local bike shop:
Favorite ever? Whoo…that’s a tough one. Perhaps Primo Cycle in Gainesville, Florida (long defunct), or Velo Orange…too bad I don’t live closer or I’d live in their showroom!

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