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The International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) has a world summit every 2 years. This year, it was in Santa Fe, NM with sold out attendance and 350 delegates. Delegates ranged from leaders in the bike industry, race promoters, people passionate about trail advocacy, and a couple racers.


Dave Wiens and Sonya Looney attended a Race Promoters Round Robin and Discussion on Wednesday. 40 passionate and influential people attended to hash out some hot topics. Such topics included:

  • economic impact of an event
  • making advocacy easy for participants
  • media reach for combining events and advocacy
  • Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis of mountain biking and events
  • Land manager and stakeholder relations
  • how to grow participation
  • successful event practices

How can you be involved in your community?


Dave Wiens giving his input

There was a lot of progressive discussion and innovative ideas.  It all boiled down to the same topic: education!  The next 2 days involved various break out sessions, large group presentations, and of course- riding!

Tons of ride videos

Break out topics included many subjects.  Some very notable topics were about tourism and its effect on the economy and community, the future of trail building in communities, ways to fund projects, marketing, sport recruitment initiatives, and how to be a great advocacy leader.

Traditional New Mexican food was enjoyed

There were several group rides every day lead by local volunteers.



We were proud to be there to help lead the charge!

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