Leadville 100 – Mission accomplished!

Albanator remains unbeatable. Alban Lakata from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team is the first rider ever who finished under six hours at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB in Colorado. Kristian Hynek just a few seconds behind takes second, Jeremiah Bishop on four and Sally Bigham also second at the women’s competition.

The whole story with backstage news, pictures and emotions can be found in our multimedia coverage at living-the-legend.

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Leadville 100 – the Race of all Races
High Noon in Colorado, USA – On this Saturday, August 15th, the world elite of mountain bike marathon will face off in a showdown at the legendary Leadville Trial 100. The toughest MTB-race in the U.S. is regarded worldwide as a synonym for stamina and the capacity to endure suffering - precisely the tastes of world champion Alban Lakata.
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