BE1 and GA2 inspires Judges

Our new BE1 backpack and the GA2 grip have been awarded with the 2015 Design & Innovation Award from the Enduro Mountainbike Magazine. So two of our new products from the Enduro Series have inspired the prestigious jury.

”The mission of the Design & Innovation Award”, noted Enduro editor in chief Robin Schmitt, is to ”honor the world's best products and technologies of the bike industry.” The BE1 Enduro Protect Backpack and GA2 grips can now take this predicate claim for themselves.

The Design & Innovation Award of the Enduro Mountainbike Magazine is awarded in collaboration with some outstanding personalities of the mountain bike scene. For a solid week, 25 of the top experts, tested the most interesting and innovative products in nine categories on challenging trails in South Tyrol, where each product was analyzed and reviewed.

Statements from the Judges:

BE1 Enduro Protect - Category Equipment & Accessories
”The BE1 Enduro Protect is a minimalistic protective backpack which stands out from the competition with its two part design.”

GA2 - Category Components
”The Ergon engineers have put years of experience designing ergonomic grips into the GA2 models.”

This success shows that we are exactly serving the needs of the target groups with our products. The GA2 is actually already available for 29.95 Euros in six stylish colors and also the BE1 Enduro Protect will just arrive in January for 149,95 Euros including protector and hydration bladder.

The current issue #14 of the Enduro mountain bike magazine with the Design & Innovation Award is now online: For this click Here

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