Kristian Hynek wins on Elba

The spell is broken: Kristian Hynek wins the UCI Marathon on the Italian island Elba. The Czech from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team wins the Capoliveri Legend Cup with a great finish, so does Bigham after a breathtaking comeback in Belgium.

For a long time it didn’t look like Kristian Hynek could end up at the top of the podium on the island right by Tuscany after the ”mere” 67 kilometers. The Italians took off furiously and pushed him and Alban Lakata on the defense right at the first mountain. ”I would not have bet even 5 Euros on me at the beginning. My legs didn’t cooperate,” reveals Kristian. However, the lever tools changed their mind and the patience of the old hand paid off.

Back on Track
The European Champion of 2012 came back to the top flight and started to dictate the speed again. About 20 kilometers before the finish line and after a long climb, only four riders were left. But the Topeak-Ergon pilot had the best finish and took his first meaningful victory of this year. ”This gives me a lot of confidence in regards to the world championship. That was missing after the Cape Epic, but this victory shows me. I’m back on track,” says the 35-year old Czech.

World champion Alban Lakata took place six and wasn’t unhappy with that. ”I took it rather easy this week after my victory in Singen and therefore wasn’t as ready. I couldn’t keep up at the beginning, but then picked up and rode as fast as the front. A race under three hours is naturally difficult for a diesel engine,” jokes Lakata.

Wild pursuit race in the Ardennes
Sally Bigham had a very complicated start during the first stage (67 km) of the Belgium Mountain Bike Challenge in the Ardennes when she was thrown back by a defect. ”It was Friday the 13th,” says Bigham with a grin. The victory receded into a dim distance.

”Giving up” doesn’t exist in Iron Sally’s vocabulary nor is it a mental option. The rest of the stage and the remaining two days were marked as a wild pursuit race. Of the 20 minutes she was behind on day one, she made up eight and a half minutes with her stage victory (96km) on Saturday. The rest on Sunday was a 100 kilometers long dessert.

Sally Bigham left behind her competitors by the first few kilometers and rode unleashed to the second stage and overall victory in front of the Serbian Jovana Crnogorac. ”Phew, this was hard”, respires Bigham. We totally believe her …

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