Richie Schley Interview

Richie Schley is a rider like no other. Richie is part of the great Frorider movement along with Wade Simmons and Brett Tippie. He is also a member of the Mountaibike Hall of Fame. Since 2006 Richie is part of the Ergon Factory Team and we are very happy to have him onboard because a rider with that amount of talent and experience is golden for our designers and developers. In this interview we asked Richie a few questions about the new interest in Enduro and talked a little bit about the importance of ergonomic products.

Hey Richie, what′s up?

Just working away at my computer, planning my schedule for the year and thinking about what ride I will do today.

What have you been up to lately?

Riding everyday, just did a week of shooting photos with Ian Hylands and lots of socializing, in Laguna Beach.

What do you think about the new interest in Enduro?

I think it is awesome, just like the old days, mountain biking, the way most of us do it. Ride up at whatever pace you are comfortable with and pin it down the hill as fast as you can. Like every ride I do. I hope it stays fun, as it seems like at the Pro level it has gotten super serious and that can sometimes compromise the fun in the recreational level.

What is needed to be a good Enduro rider?

All around riding skills and fitness.

How important are ergonomics for an ambitious Enduro rider?

The right ergonomic equipment is important, it secures that you hands and butt don′t go numb from the long climbs or descents. The three contact points on your bike are what gives you the feel and comfort to make you ride more comfortable and safe, which ultimately makes it more fun. Especially the grips are can make a big difference because they are the direct contact point to your handlebar. The Ergon All-Mountain grips are perfect, because they give you a better control and your hands don′t go numb. Before Ergonomic products, I was constantly adjusting things on my bike to be comfortable and pain free. Now once my bike is set up, it is dialed and comfortable.

What separates an Enduro specific backpack from a regular backpack?

A pack that can carry your needed protection and equipment for the DH portion of the race and then when you put all of your gear on, the pack becomes minimalistic, so it doesn't affect your racing performance. I am very happy that the Ergon designers and me realized the BA3 Super Enduro pack that features all of the mentioned points.

What do you carry in your backpack for a one-day ride?

On most of my rides, I have a pump, multi tool, shock pump, tube, energy bar, wind jacket, knee pads, different color lenses for shades, water, a bottle of sealant for my tubeless tires, small first aid kit and a few cable binders.

What?s your plan for the 2013 season?
Ride a lot, test products, join some events in Europe, Canada and the US and do as many cool adventures as I can.

Thanks for the interview Richie!

Photos by Ian Hylands

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