Ergonomics for cyclists. Perfectly realized.

Carbon monocoque frames, electronic gears and intelligent shocks... the technological developments in the bike industry are pushing the boundaries. To make bikes more enjoyable, more comfortable, more efficient or faster, manufacturers are concentrating on “Hardware Technology.” However, will technology alone make the desired gains possible? According to a study from the German Sports University in Cologne, more than 90% of those people taking part complained of aches and pains when cycling. An important reason for this is poor ergonomics.

Incorrect ergonomics on the bike can turn discomfort into sharp pain in a hurry and can ruin your day on the bike. In competition, incorrect ergonomics can waste valuable energy and prevent a place on the podium. Ergonomics is about focusing on the person, not the technology. At Ergon, cyclists are at the center of our search for the best connection between rider and bike.
Bike ergonomics is an extremely complicated endeavor and requires knowledge across different disciplines. The development team at Ergon is made up of specialists in various areas; there are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, ergonomics experts, engineers and industrial designers.

Our aim is to develop products that offer the best ergonomics for cyclists, which combine the best scientific principles with the practicality of realworld usage. The performance of Ergon products is tested in scientific laboratory studies, on the test rigs of the technical institutes and just as importantly with blood, sweat and tears in everyday use or on the World Cup race circuit. Cycling press editorials, international design awards and numerous victories in the toughest race conditions in the world confirm that Ergon is on the cutting edge of cycling performance.

Many products - one philosophy

More grip. No more numb fingers.

Irritation of nervus ulnaris
Ergon grip
Ergon grips:
Innovative solutions for traditional problems

Numb fingers, aching hands and forearms - problems all too familiar to bikers. Caused by too much pressure on the highly sensitive areas of the inner palm and potential malpositioning of the hand. Ergon grips provide 100% contact of hand and grip by an anatomically optimised grip-shape. Thus the pressure is relieved, especially near the nervus ulnaris, preventing the hand from getting numb. Additionally overstraining of the median nerve (often resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome) as well as aching wrists are prevented.

Flink® ball joint: Flexibility in all directions

Carrying system and backpack are separated

DThe integrated Flink® ball joint separates the carrying straps from the actual backpack. The almost unrestricted motility of the torso achieved by this ingeniously constructed system provides a carrying convenience yet unrivalled. The backpack remains in place no matter what situation you‘re in and unwanted slippage is surpressed. A big advantage especially when moving dynamically.

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flink flexible link system by Flink GmbH;
Design und Engineering. »
Worldwide exclusively licensed to Ergon.

Conventional backpack:
Whole weight on shoulders
Up to 80% of weight shifted to the hip
Smart load distribution

HConventional backpacks with waistbelts fail to compensate natural movements of hip and shoulder. Hence the backpack‘s carrying straps slip out of place and cannot distribute the load properly anymore. In contrast the flexible Flink® ball joint ensures optimal fit at any time. Moreover the Ergon Profax PP frame absorbs and distributes the load. With every backpack model only 10% to 20% of the gross weight will be carried by the shoulders. The rest is shifted back-friendly towards the hip.

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Every backpack model is adjustable for 3 different sizes

Ergon‘s size-system:
Fitting backpacks for all figures

Most manufacturers do not adequately react to the physiological differences between men and women. Ergon has developed an ergonomically and biomechanically perfect backpack-geometry. It can be adjusted to match different bodyshapes and -sizes, including 2 different sizes for men an 2 for women. Additionally the carrying system of every backpack can be adjusted individually, allowing perfect fitting.

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Positioning the pedal made easy

Ergon Cleattool:
Perfect ergonomy by correct adjustment

TP1 ensures the correct positioning of the foot on the pedal to enhance performance, health and well-being. With all collective experience of our experts in ergonomics, design and sports science, Ergon was able to develop a system that meets all bikers demands. The enclosed manual explains the performance-supporting effect of an ergonomically accurate pedal movement.

FlexPalm design:
Best fit, padding and flexibility

Ergon gloves:
Ideal fit for every hand

The inner hand of Ergon gloves contains two different paddings. A medium at the inner and outer palm to protect the pressure-sensitive nerves of the hand. Another softer padding is applied at the sensitive finger joints. Pre-defined kinks prevent wrinkling. The V-shaped FlexPalm design provides perfect fit of the glove even during grasping movements. Thanks to the innovative Ergon closure at the back of the hand, the width of the glove can be adjusted individually to ensure perfect fit.