New BX3

Perfect Fit Backpack.

The design brief for the new Ergon BX Series stated that a fit was the most important factor for the backpack. After a lot of research, the Ergon development team came up with a backpack carrying system which automatically adjusts to the anatomy of user. The shoulder straps and the hip strap of the BX Series simply find the correct angle for the shoulder and waist width. This combines with a 4 step adjustable back length (BX2 and BX3) feature to make the new pack one of the most comfortable ever.

The innovations with the carrying system don't stop there. 'Load Compression' refers to the way that the shoulder straps loop behind and under the load. This concept allows the load to be carried as close to the body as possible. It also means that the load is very stable, secured from below, in contrast to a traditional backpack.

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