A cycling backpack built to take the punishment of a TransAlp race or your day to day commute. Double the capacity of our BC1, the Flink® Link ball-joint equipped BC3 features a lightweight frame and allows for natural freedom of movement for the upper body yet still provides optimal load distribution. The BC3 utilizes a high-tech, heavy-duty water proof material (water proofed on both sides), with water resistant zippers, a helmet holder, internal compartments to keep you organized and a sleeve for a hydration bladder. The BC3 can carry your gear on an overnight mountain bike trip or your office clothes and laptop on an everyday commute. Available in Regular and Large sizes.

Size regular, large
Material superlight 210 D Ripstop-Nylon
Capacity / Max. load approx. 1530 cu.in. (25l)
recommended up to 22 lbs (9 kg)
MSRP $ 199.95


The Backpack Motion System. Developed for Cyclists. Goodbye Gravity.

Nobody really likes carrying a backpack... it is a necessity. It restricts your movement while the weight of the load has an undesired effect on your skeleton, muscles and posture. In a word, it is exhausting. People are dynamic and constantly moving. As you move, any load will be continually transferred to your body and your shoulders will have to move this weight, constantly putting your muscles under strain. The more active you are, the greater the effect. Lower capacity day packs, touring packs and backpacks for athletes are based on an outdated design which ignores the influence of dynamic movement on carrying comfort. As ergonomic specialists, our target is to make backpacks as comfortable as possible. Our revolutionary backpack design – a direct result of our exhaustive studies – allows the upper body to move freely and independantly from the load. The semi-rigid frame transfers the load lower, to the body’s center of gravity, and to a point where the back’s movement is minimal. To achieve the desired freedom of movement for the upper body it was obvious that the shoulder harness system needed to be isolated from the load resulting in a brilliant and revolutionary solution.

* Recommendations are based on average people.

Using the central Flink® Link ball joint, in combination with a load bearing frame, Ergon has created a backpack featuring unequaled comfort and freedom of movement.

Size Guide *

Shoulder Straps
155-180 cm   5‘1‘‘ - 5‘11‘‘
175-195 cm   5‘9‘‘ - 6‘5‘‘
Clothing Sizes
Ergon: Optimal load distribution for minimal weight on the shoulders.
Traditional backpacks: Ergonomically incorrect loading, specifically when cycling.
The Flink® Link Ball joint follows your every move with little resistance.
Adjustment of the carrying system to back length.