BX2 Grey / Green

BX2 Grey / Green

Ergon's mid sized Mountain Bike pack. The innovative 'Adaptive Carrier System' holds the load close to the body, and stable. Self correcting shoulder straps available in Regular and Large sizes. 4 position back adjustment allows every rider to find the perfect fit and comfort. The pack has a capacity of 10 liters (expandable to 11.5 liters using the zippered expansion facility) and features a main compartments, bladder compartment, rain cover, hip belt pockets and organization compartments.

NameBX2 Grey / Green
Model Black, Grey / Green, Blue / Grey
Size Regular or Large
Material Nylon, Polyester
Capacity / Max. load 10 + 1,5 Liters / Recommended up to 6 kg
MSRP $ 89,95


Adaptive Carrier System

BA / BX Series

Ergon shoulder straps with load compression -
Load stabalised at the lower back.

Traditional shoulder straps -
instable loads movement while riding

Perfect Fit Backpack

Exact fit achieved through 4 steps back adjustment
and the 4 point self adjusting shoulder straps.

Contour Fit Aluminum Bar: body specific fitting through a formable aluminum bar
located in the rear area of the backpack. (3 aluminum close-fitting profiles on BX4).