CF3 Pro Carbon

CF3 Pro Carbon

Ergon presents a brand new innovative seat post for the road. The post offers a uniquely comfortable ride while remaining lightweight, making it ideal to match to today’s ultra-stiff road frames. The seatpost is designed to flex offering added suspension, killing road buzz and soaking up imperfections in the road surface. The saddle moves backwards in arc motion, with the carbon suspension beams (Canyon VCLS Technology) equipped with pivots to ensure the saddle remains horizontal. Flip-Head (7x9 oval rail clamp) available separately.

The system is maintenance free, offers simple setback and saddle angle adjustment, and weighs in at about 8 oz. (220 g).

Eurobike Award 2012 Winner

This product is not available in the US and Canada.

* Weight may vary in production.

NameCF3 Pro Carbon
Use Road
Clamp Round saddle rails (7x7 mm)
Diameter 27.2 mm
Material Carbon Fibre Composite
Weight approx. 220 g*
Prize $ 299.95


The Comfort Revolution for Road Cyclists.

Compression direction

Shock impact forces

Perfect function
At the heart of the seatpost are two parallel carbon flat springs. The seatpost head has two bearings allowing it to stay parallel to the ground through the travel motion. The function is simple. A bump through the bike pushes the bike upwards, the seatpost flexes in the exact opposite direction (see image) allowing the bump to be neutralised. This is a lot more efficient than a tradi- tional suspension post. The post keeps that 'direct' road bike feel, but the VCLS flat springs are sensitive to small variations in road surface. A genuine comfort revolution, lightweight and maintenance free.

Floating pivot Flip Head prevents the saddle angle changing as the post compresses.

Flip Head can be rotated for Increased adjustment for a more fore or aft position.

VCLS carbon fibre flat springs for pre-defined flex.