The brand new grip of the 2010 World Marathon Champion Alban Lakata. Developed as a specific marathon grip, the GS1 has become the racer's grip of choice. The grip's unique internal construction supports the hand using two internal supports individually tuned for perfect rebound and control. The lightweight leichtbau Direct Control rubber ensure ultimate feel and feedback. Available in two sizes.

The GS Series has won:
World Marathon Championship 2010 - Alban Lakata
European and British 24hr Championship 2011 - Matt Page

* Weights may vary in production. Weights per pair.

Model black, white
Weight / Size approx. 5 oz. (145 g)* / S (Small)
L (Large)
Material Cold Forged Aluminium – 100% Recyclable
Use Mountain Bike, Endurance Racing
MSRP $ 35.95


The Size Difference.

As hand size is different from person to person, Ergon manufactures the GP, GS and GA ranges in two sizes - Small and Large. This difference is in the diameter of the grip. The reason for this is that a larger hand is better able to grip a larger grip with less stress and effort.

This is the same in reverse for small grip. A smaller hand needs a smaller grip to allow the hand to close around it. Of course, this is all also down to personal preference.