GX1 Leichtbau


Topeak Ergon Racing-Team

Three years, one World Champion, two Olympians, multiple National Titles, multiple World Cup Wins and multiple Domestic Wins on both sides of the Atlantic. Team Topeak Ergon continues to make their mark internationally.

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GX1 Leichtbau

A lightweight grip for full-on racing. The underlying concept is based on our successful GP and GR series grips. The GX1 features a compact body with a significantly slimmer wing, and lower grip diameter in the mid section than the GP1. The grip is designed for quick hand position changes in challenging riding and racing conditions. Made from a lightweight rubber compound and combined with a highly secure lightweight clamp, the GX series is the most comfortable grip on the World Cup race circuit.

Weight / Size One size
Material Aircraft Aluminum Clamp
Use Mountainbike, Cross Country, Marathon


GX Leichtbau Series

The founding principle is based on the comfort series grips of the P, R, and C ranges. The compact grip body used for the GX1, and GX2 has a wing form that is a lot slimmer than previous models. The diameter of the centre of the grip is also slimmed down makes it ideal for situations where constant hand position changes are required because of the varying terrain.

The grip is made of a lightweight rubber and combined with the secure lightweight clamp the GX1 model is significantly lighter than our previous grips. The GX2 Carbon model is supplied with integrated 100% carbon bar ends weighting as little as 50g. The GX is the cross country grip by which all others are judged.