SM3 Pro Carbon Monolink® white

SM3 Pro Carbon Monolink® white

Super-light top of the range World Cup Team model. Flex Optimized Carbon Composite saddle shell. Monolink® carbon composite saddle rails for maximum adjustment. Friction minimizing silicon coating prevents chaffing. Soft, breathable, easy to clean, synthetic leather lorica micro-fibre cover. Alcantara® rear section. Available in sizes S and M for different sit-bone distances.

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* Weights may vary in production.

NameSM3 Pro Carbon Monolink® white
Weight / Sizes approx. 7.4 oz. (210 g)* / S (Small)
M (Medium)
Rails Carbon Composite Monolink®
Shell Carbon Fibre
Use Mountain Bike, Endurance
MSRP $ 199.95


100% Ergonomics. 100% Mountain Biking.

Designed from the ground up, Ergon's ergonomically optimized Mountain Bike Saddle combines high performance and fit in a previously unobtainable way. A 3D saddle shell - innovative 'hollows' in the shell - allow for considerably more damping material in the seat bone areas, than any other saddle in this category.

1: Ultra-thin, flex optimized carbon or GFK saddle shell with isolated rear mounting rails for added flex. 2: Innovative, multi-layered cushioning with progressive damping. Tuned damping correlates with saddle width / use. 3: Nose mounted micro damper. 4: Saddle nose underside rubber cushion for shouldering the bike. 5: Chaff-reducing silicon coating on Pro and Carbon Pro models. 6: Optional standard rails, or Monolink® rail system (patent pending) allowing for maximum adjustment. All SM3 saddles are designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured by hand by Selle Italia in Italy.

3D Progressive Setup

Ultra-thin, flex optimized, carbon composite 3D saddle shell (Carbon Composite only on Pro / Carbon Pro models). Saddle shell is formed with 3D pockets under the sit bones allowing for extra padding. Y-Flex nose to seat design provides maximum freedom of movement when pedalling.

Highly elastic
comfort padding

Internal harder

Saddle shell with
3D pockets

State of the Art Saddle Development

The Ergon Product Development Department utilized state of the art simulations, construction methods and analysis in the development of the SM3. For example when creating the Ultra-thin saddle shell, FEM analysis was fundamental in mapping the load and stress areas. The shape of the saddle from top to bottom was defined in the Ergon Ergonomics Laboratory using a multitude of pressure sensing equipment combined with real world experience on test rides. With this, many iterations lead to the final shape.

1: FEM analysis used in development process: Maximum deflection 6.19054mm*
2: Saddle shell designed with homogenous flex throughout.

Which is the correct saddle width?

Scientific studies have concluded that in order for a saddle to be comfortable, it must match the individual sit bone width of the rider. This distance however changes depending on the angle at which the rider's upper body is at. If the rider sits upright on the saddle, it is the rear parts of the sit bones which take their weight. As the rider leans more forward, then the point of the sit bone which makes contact rolls forwards. As the pelvis is also V formed towards the front, the contact area on the saddle needs to be large enough to provide comfort in different sitting positions. Ergon saddles are designed around the male pelvis form. For riders with a sit bone width of 10 - 13 cm we suggest size S, and for those with a sit bone distance of 12 - 15 cm we suggest L. There is some cross over, so we suggest test riding where possible.

Recommended Sizes**

Saddle Size
Sit bone width
9 - 11 cm
11 - 13 cm
13 - 15 cm

*Measured in the pre-upholstered state.

**Variance is possible.