The entry level version of the SR3 saddle is still packed with innovation. For example the 3D form of the saddle shell allows for significantly more padding where the riders weight sits on the saddle, while the specially placed strengthening ribs in the ultra-thin carbon shell provide uniform flex and increased comfort. 3 saddle sizes ensure that the appropriate width is available for different riders and positions on the bike. Size specific saddle mounts are 8mm further forward on the size L saddles to allow larger riders adequate setback. Available in sizes S, M and L for the perfect fit for all riders.

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* Weights may vary in production.

Weight / Sizes approx. 8.1 oz. (230 g)* / S (Small)
M (Medium)
L (Large)
Rails TiNox
Shell Fiberglass Composite – Ultra Thin Y-Flex Construction
Use Road
MSRP $ 139.95

Which is the correct saddle width?

Scientific studies have concluded that in order for a saddle to be comfortable, it must match the individual sit bone width of the rider. This distance however changes depending on the angle at which the rider's upper body is at. If the rider sits upright on the saddle, it is the rear parts of the sit bones which take their weight. As the rider leans more forward, then the point of the sit bone which makes contact rolls forwards. As the pelvis is also V formed towards the front, the contact area on the saddle needs to be large enough to provide comfort in different sitting positions. Ergon saddles are designed around the male pelvis form. For riders with a sit bone width of 10 - 13 cm we suggest size S, and for those with a sit bone distance of 12 - 15 cm we suggest L. There is some cross over, so we suggest test riding where possible.

Recommended Sizes**

Saddle Size
Sit bone width
9 - 11 cm
11 - 13 cm
13 - 15 cm

*Measured in the pre-upholstered state.

**Variance is possible.