Proven success
Professional Mountain Bikers are the face of the latest Ergon Campaign.
They are also the best test riders in the World.

Wolfram Kurschat, Irina Kalentieva and Alban Lakata. These are the stars of the Topeak Ergon Racing Team. For them, Ergon’s belief and grounding principle, that of Ergonomics and the optimisation of rider and bike, is essential. Ergon products are not only a solution resolving some of the poor ergonomics that cyclists have, and suffer pain from, but by effect they enhance performance. Ergon makes you faster and more successful. No one is better proof of this than our racers. National Champions, a European Champion and a World Champion make up the Topeak Ergon Racing Team.

“Success” is one aspect of it, and “Proven” is the other. The race team is used as a genuine development partner. The demands that professionals make on the equipment, grip and performance are a guideline for the continued development of every grip. Their feedback from this continual assessment across an entire season is key to successful and constant improvement to the products in the quest for perfection. It is the basis for our philosophy. “Ergonomics for cyclists, perfectly realized”

The heroes of our campaign: